How to Choose iPad 3 covers for kids | iPad 3 covers

How to Choose iPad 3 covers for kids | iPad 3 covers

How to Choose iPad 3 covers for kids

Choosing an iPad 3 cover for kids sometimes can be a bit tricky since there are only a few iPad 3 covers being sold in the market today. There also many criteria that you need to consider before you buy the case.

The Material
You need to pick the case that was built with safe and non-toxic material. There are lots of unsafe iPad 3 covers that were built with unsafe silicon. Usually these covers were built by Chinese company so you need to avoid this kind of case for your kid’s health.

The Design
Pick iPad 3 covers that were specially designed for kids. Usually the design comes with funny pictures or a round edge to prevent your kids getting hurt while playing with iPad 3. You can also choose iPad 3 cases that protect the tablet from impact since kids usually drop it when they play.

If you still can’t find the best iPad 3 cover to purchase for your kids you might be interested with the following recommended iPad 3 cover for kids.



iPad 3 covers which designed specially for kids
Some companies actually care about how this kind of matter and they make a specially designed iPad 3 covers for kids. The companies are AddyCover, Big Grips Frame, iBallz, Speck Products and Gripcover. All of these companies offer iPad 3 cases for kids and made their products with non-toxic materials. The design also adjusted for kid’s usage with intact handle and light weight.

iPad 3 covers for both parent and kids
If you use the iPad 3 together with your kids a cute and childish design is definitely not option, right? In this condition all you have to do is pick the case that features strong but light material which can withstand any impact. Otterbox and Trident Cover iPad 3 cases should be sufficient for that. Both covers can acts as iPad 3 case for both you and your kids.

iPad 3 cover accessories for kid’s safety
You might not hear about this but there are actually wall mount accessories for iPad 3 covers. Rather than letting your kids playing with the tablet you can just mount it on the wall and let them play with it without having to worry if they will drop it.

Well, now you have the list and that should be enough for you. You can compare all the iPad 3 covers first before you buy one or two. Remember the criteria above and you’re good to go.

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