Investing in a Quality Baby Monitor is Worth It

We wanted our baby to have her very own room from the beginning. We were kind of torn on the thoughts of wanting to keep her in our room versus having her be comfortable in her own room. I know that some parents choose to keep the crib in their room with them. Some cultures even have infants in the same bed with the parents. I think that is an unnecessary risk. We chose to have her own room, but we bought and Infant Optics DXR-8 video baby monitor to keep a close eye on her when she is in there by herself.

I like the portability of the monitor. I can have it anywhere in the house with me and it picks up the wireless video. It pans and tilts too. That is a very nice feature. One thing that is unique to it is that it comes with three interchangeable lenses to give you the field of view that you are looking for in a video baby monitor. There are cheaper ones out there, but I do not think you will find one with this many features at a lower price point.

Yes, children are expensive. Keeping them safe has a cost to it. There are those countless sleepless nights and all of the little things we do in raising them that take time, effort and money. I think video baby monitors, since the technology exists and is available, are a necessity now. Most homes have several rooms spread out on two floors. If you are doing laundry in the basement and your baby is upstairs in a bedroom on the other side of the house, a video monitor is a good piece of equipment to have. You can see and hear her if something is up. I very much think a good one is a worthy investment.

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