iPad 3 covers and some of their notable features | iPad 3 covers

iPad 3 covers and some of their notable features | iPad 3 covers

iPad 3 covers and some of their notable features

Carrying an iPad 3 without a case is not recommended since there is a high opportunity that your tablet could drop from your hand or get scratched. You better buy iPad 3 cover for it and don’t forget to buy a screen protector too.

Before you buy iPad 3 covers you need to know first some features offered by these covers. Not every case has the same features. That’s an obvious thing since the company try to differentiate their products from other companies to attract potential buyers. Features that you might need and want for your iPad are as follow:

Auto sleep and wake function

Good iPad 3 covers should feature this. Just like other tablets and smartphones, iPad 3 screen can also be locked and unlocked using a certain magnet. This feature would save your time to lock and unlock the screen manually. The magnet is usually embedded in iPad 3 cover front cover thus when you close the cover the iPad 3 screen will automatically go to sleep mode and wake when the cover is opened. The magnet is very small so don’t worry it wouldn’t effect your tablet screen and it you won’t even notice it was in those iPad 3 covers.

Elastic Hand Strap

Not every case has this feature but you’d love this if you always carry your tablet everywhere. It will get rid the necessity of buying a bag for your iPad 3. Usually this feature is available if you buy leather iPad 3 covers.

Built in or additional stand

This probably is a must have feature and almost all iPad 3 covers that available today already have it. A built in stand can be found in leather iPad 3 cover while additional stand kit usually come with the silicon iPad 3 covers. This feature is useful if you want to watch video clips or even movies in your desk.

Wireless Keyboard

iPad 3 covers that has this feature is very rare and these products usually come with a steep price which is pretty reasonable. If you happen to travel a lot and need a laptop you can just buy this kind of case to transform your iPad 3 into a laptop. This is a very decent feature for mobile business person.

Durable material

Pick iPad 3 covers with durable material that can protect your tablet from impact and scratches if you or your kids happen to drop the tablet very often.

That is some notable features that you need to know. The rest is up to you!

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