Releasing HTC 10, HTC self-prove their weakness

After nearly 12 months of pregnancy, HTC 10 model was officially unveiled. Recently, there are quite a lot of speculation related to the HTC 10 of the tech firms in Taiwan. As far as leaking, this next model will have many new breakthroughs. Because of declining in business that HTC will focus investment for this new product to became the flagship of them this year. As this Taiwanese phone brand claim, HTC 10 will have camera and the best performance in the world, far beyond top flagships today, such as iPhone 6 or Galaxy S7 Edge. For this version to become special, even its name have changed accordingly. Instead of HTC One M10, next generation smartphone of HTC One M9, they shortened it to become HTC 10. All these speculation made many people quite look forward to the day of this model reveal. At the launch date April 12th, HTC 10 is officially announced. However, instead of being a modern smartphone, as smart as expected, then HTC 10, we quickly become obsolete, when both design and technology is equipped on this product are nothing too groundbreaking. It’s in stark contrast to what it was before HTC had the cavity. Not the design, nothing is outstanding as well as the features, configuration. So this phone brand was strongly announced, confirming HTC 10 will be the generation of smartphone which outsanding configuration, as a flagship of the airline in this year. Many technology believers said that HTC was too explosive and HTC 10 version also is just a model trivial. In the technological peak race, Apple, Samsung, Sony can do more than that. In about two years, this Taiwan technology brand constantly woeful, dismal business, revenue from the sale of the phone is quite low. On the mobile market, HTC from a genuine, strong technology, highly competitive now suddenly become so weak. At the present time, for launched HTC 10 like that means HTC is proving its weakness in the smartphone segment high level, weakness in race technology, along with the other phone carrier. According to Baodatviet.