The right iPad 3 cover to protect your new iPad | iPad 3 covers

The right iPad 3 cover to protect your new iPad | iPad 3 covers

The right iPad 3 cover to protect your new iPad

In the world of technology it becomes very difficult to keep up with the innovations in both hardware and software that is being continually released onto an active market by developers and innovators. Just over 2 years ago now one of those companies, that has prided itself on being continually at the cutting edge, released the iPad which rapidly became one of the “must have” items of any self respecting techno geek. Of itself it didn’t replace a lap top not having the computing power or the memory but is ideal for transportability and for playing media anywhere any time as it claimed a reasonable battery life (9 to 10 hours) and with its touch screen keyboard making it able to do many of the more menial tasks that had hitherto been the preserve of the more powerful, and much larger and inconvenient machines. Those with in built 3G enabled a roving internet capability virtually world wide. So it was the first successful Tablet selling nearly 15 million units in 2010.

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The reception was more than satisfactory allowing the rapid development and release of the IPad2 which was released in March 2011. It was somewhat thinner and lighter and had a more powerful cpu. It also had a camera both front and back and came in at about the same price.And in March 2012 the 3rd generation was launched. This too has an improved CPU dual core A5X with quad core graphics and an incredibly high resolution screen (2048 x 1526) which is much higher than a HDTV screen.

Ok. Those are the tablets and the Apple IPad dominates the tablet market. Over 75% of all tablets sod are IPads. What are the drawbacks?

For a start its integrity. The body of the machine is made of very hard, scratch resistant material But it’s screen, although scratch resistant, is vulnerable to being damaged or cracked as it is always exposed. In the E-Reader market the unit marketed by Amazon is usually sold with a semi hard fold over cover which protects it from damage, nevertheless quite a large number have been sent back with the screen damaged having been bent.

This has been the Achilles heel of all the portable touch screen devices and if the screen does get cracked the replacement is difficult and probably expensive.. I-phones and I-pods all suffered with this and thus most users of the more mobile devices went out of their way to protect the phone and the screens for damage. Most of the other tablets on the market have 7 inch screens but Jobs insisted on a 10 inch screen which makes for a much bigger are exposed to scratched and bumps etc.

Well now there is a relatively inexpensive but effective iPad 3 cover available.

It comes in 4 parts and is specifically designed for the IPad 3.

It is made out of a Robust silicon and the iPad will fit snugly into the unit. A foam padded backing cradle is designed to protects the machine from jarring and absorbs shock while the actual back is durable silicone. The front assembly has a built in screen protector to protect the actual screen from scratches and fingerprints.

To assemble the iPad is inserted into the cradle and then both are fitted into the backing plate, the screen protector is then placed on top and the polycarbonate tabs click into place providing the iPad with an extra all round layer of protection from scratches and careless damage. The 4th art of the assembly is a shields stand which, if placed on a flat surface enables tphe iPad to be stood up as a media display screen, in either a landscape or a portrait mode. It may also be set up slightly differently to enable the touch screen to be positioned for typing. The unit is made of high quality, robust and durable materials and is precision engineered to ensure that all ports and plug in apertures are accessible with the case fitted. The shield has magnets to initiate sleep mode thus preserving battery life when the units is inserted to be carried around with the screen covered. When it is removed to be used the magnets will activate the unit.

In summary this is a well thought out and manufactured accessory to provide protection to the iPad 2 and iPad 3.

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