Thinking with Our Feelings Not Logic

Appliances break down. It’s a fact of life. No matter how new an appliance might be, it has a life span just like any other device but sometimes they may not be able to fulfill that lifespan. That’s why there are major home appliance service in Oakland to help you out. I’ve been working for this appliance service company for a couple of years now. I count myself lucky to be able to have a job when so many other people don’t have jobs themselves – it’s sort of mind boggling how many jobs there seem to be but how few of them people seem to want.

That never sat right with me. Why do people not take the jobs that are out there? A job is a job and it’s important that everyone has one even if they may not like what they have to do at the job. I’ve done a lot of work that I didn’t care for – it’s a serious bummer to have to go to work every day for a job that you really ddon’t want to work for but when it comes down to it, money is far more important than how you feel, right?

That’s how it should be. I think, ultimately, that’s the inherent flaw that many of us have. We think far too often with our feelings than what is good for us. We lack the self-discipline and will to do what is right by us. TO do what we need to be able to do in order to ensure our happiness in the long term. It’s hard, I know. For some it’s the easiest thing to do but for others? Well, they end up working at an appliance service center hoping they can save enough to retire when they’re old enough to be forced out.

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